Every course offered by SJTU International Summer Session Program strictly follows the Canadian model of higher education and adheres to the highest standards of academic excellence. SJTU is committed to one overarching mission: to provide consistency, unsurpassed quality, and the full, non-negotiable dedication to excellence demanded by Canadian universities. The credits of each course will be granted based on the students’ final scores, and are equivalent to the credits of a standard semester-long course both in Canadian and Chinese universities.

SJTU ISS Program will issue authoritative credit transcripts in both Chinese and English with the university seal on the envelope. The scores gained from SJTU will be counted into the students’ GPA directly. Official transcripts of 2020 Summer will be accredited and sent to the addresses provided by students in their online applications. The credits are assured to be transferred.

The International Summer Session Office will keep the transcripts for three years. Please contact the Office if any second sending is required, and the student needs to pay extra transcript and mailing fees (300 CNY).

Students must strictly adhere to the university’s academic integrity rules, and all essays, exams and any other forms of academic assignments must adhere to these rules. Any form of plagiarism, cheating, or misappropriation of materials will be considered as a violation of academic integrity and will be punishable by the university.

Students should also be familiar with the university’s summer school regulations regarding academic integrity. Assignments should be a demonstration of the knowledge of the lectures and should be undertaken in an independent manner. If the views of others are considered, then the source materials must be strictly cited. Unmarked excerpts will be considered plagiarism.

Cheating is strictly prohibited by the university. Once any form of cheating has been discovered, the student will be disqualified from the exam. Students who commit serious violations of the university’s academic integrity rules will immediately receive an F and must then be investigated by the University Disciplinary Committee.

Students will be able to apply for a switch or withdrawal within 3 days upon the start date of the course. If a withdrawal is applied for within 3 working days, the tuition fees will be refunded. After 3 days, the tuition fees will not be refunded.

Please note that we do not accept an application for dropping/switching courses after the deadlines.

The scoring of the courses will refer to Shanghai Jiao Tong University's undergraduate course scoring systems and standards. If a student doesn't pass the exam, the scores will be recorded as F (Fail). If students have any questions about the score assessment from their teachers, they can apply for academic appeal within a month after the course is finished, and in the meantime send emails to the dean at isu@sjtu.edu.cn for enquiry about the results. The Dean will communicate with the teachers about the situation, and thus to discuss and make a decision about the results for the application. Students will receive the final results within 5 working days, and once announced, the final results will be recorded as the final scores, and students cannot make a request for enquiry about results again.